How smaller breasts can make a big difference to your life

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Breast reduction is one of my favourite surgeries to do as it’s normally a straightforward, reliable operation that makes clients happy and seriously improves their quality of life. There are so many benefits to breast reduction. It can ease severe physical pain and at the same time it helps clients to feel more comfortable in their own skin –  and that’s incredibly satisfying.

Many women choose to have the procedure after years of suffering problems from heavy breast weight. Then once they have had the procedure, I often get comments that they wish they had done it much earlier. One of my patients described it as a weight that had been lifted off her shoulders and many of my patients have reported that they can enjoy exercise for the first time in years.

There are many concerns that lead women to consider breast reduction surgery, but some of the most frequent ones are:

  • Experiencing persistent neck back and shoulder pain that is related to the size and weight of the breasts.
  • Heat rashes and skin chafing, especially in the folds beneath the breast crease
  • Breathing difficulties due to pressure on the chest.
  • Experiencing pain from bra straps that dig in because the breasts are heavy.
  • Difficulty finding a bra that fits and is attractive.
  • Struggling to find clothes that fit, and are attractive or fashionable.
  • Difficulty exercising because breasts make it difficult or painful.

During the initial consultation, we discuss the patient’s  medical history, including the number of children she has had, her history of breast feeding, plans for pregnancy and nursing preferences. I’ll also ask about back, shoulder pain, breast sensitivity, rashes and infection.

Should we decide to go ahead, it’s a fairly complex procedure, with a ‘big’ result. In simple terms, breast reduction removes fat, glandular tissue and skin from the breast. If the aureola (skin around the nipple) is large, and/or stretched, it can be reduced, which usually means repositioning the nipple. The ‘new’ breasts are smaller, lighter and more in proportion to the patient’s overall shape and size. It is easier to dress in clothes and choosing a bra that is comfortable and attractive is no longer an issue.

Most women have only one breast reduction in their life, but if your body shape changes a great deal or you have pregnancies after reduction, there can be a need for further surgery – either a further reduction or lift, or even augmentation if there has been major weight loss. Many women who have had breast reduction still produce some breast milk after pregnancy, so it is always worth trying to breastfeed.

The only issue is that there can be some reduction in or loss of nipple sensation after breast reduction. This depends to some extent on the volume of reduction that’s been necessary. In my experience, most patients are happy with the trade-off.

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