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Plastic Surgery

I’ve put together a lot of the general things you really should learn about plastic surgery and how our practice operates. I hope you spend time looking at the information and videos, and that they’re helpful to you.


We offer many levels of consultation and communication for patients and prospective patients.

You may contact us wishing to book a procedure, or you may wish to start the journey by simply learning more if you don’t feel ready for surgery yet. Whatever the case, we ensure you have access to extensive resources that match your individual need or questions, with no obligation to you.

The process begins at our consultation portal, where you can securely tell me a little about why you’re considering plastic surgery. We’ll be in touch with you promptly, and assist you from there, whether you are simply making an enquiry, or whether you feel ready to consult with me and book a procedure.

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If you are considering plastic surgery, it is very important to learn about and understand the issues involved in your chosen procedure.

The big day, healing and recovery

Make sure you understand the procedure well and have had all your questions answered.

Risks & complications

Most people who have plastic surgery are in good health, and the risk of life-threatening complications is low. Most complications can be resolved, and the long-term result is as good as it would have been if the complication hadn’t occurred. An example of this is an infection.

Results & expectations

How do you know your procedure has been successful and you can move on, pleased with the decision you made? When you are preparing for surgery, it’s important to consider the following points: Surgery should be good – but is rarely perfect.