How to prepare for a successful facelift

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Preparing for a facelift

Let’s talk about getting ready for your facelift. I’m not talking about packing your things for hospital or eating right before the procedure, though these things do matter. To get the most from your facelift, you should be fully informed, so you’re prepared for what’s likely to happen.

I find it hard to describe in person what it’s like to go through a facelift, but preparing for surgery is something I always focus on. For me, the first step in the process is to carefully assess the patient’s aims, and to make sure I thoroughly understand all the concerns or frustrations they have with their face.

For the patient, talking about the process itself and reading information about having a facelift is a great start. There’s a wealth of useful information in the Procedure Information Centre on my website. It’s also a good idea to research the area that you are interested as much as possible on reputable websites.

Use the time between your initial consultation and the operation to read online articles, blogs, personal accounts of surgery and take in as much information as you find useful. You’ll find many patient journeys online on sites such as and where patients discuss their procedures and their experiences.

Some people find having a facelift quite easy, while others find it very difficult and traumatic. It all comes down to the individual approach. If you are positive and expect your facelift to be a significant experience, you will generally cope better than if you are frightened about it and poorly prepared. If this is the case, you probably aren’t ready to have the surgery.

In terms of expectations, I discuss these with you during consultation and we look at pre- and post-operative photos together – of similar cases and ages to your own. This can provide a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Having said that, every facelift is unique, and the healing process varies from person to person. In addition to this, the end result can never be 100% guaranteed. Very few facelifts are perfect in every way and if you understand and accept the possibility of worthwhile improvement with a degree of imperfection, you are well prepared for a facelift.

Facial rejuvenation surgery can be a daunting prospect and people tend to manage any anxiety they may have in their own way. In in my experience, the more informed you are, and the more you think about all the steps in the process before the surgery, the more comfortable you’ll be through it. Think about how you’ll deal with each stage of the journey, from the initial assessment to the surgical plan, going to hospital, having the surgery, waking up, going home and gradual recovering over the next few weeks. If you know what to expect, chances are you’ll cope with it nicely.

Choosing a surgeon who is very good at the work, and with whom you can develop a confident professional relationship, is the single most important step to take. This means choosing a surgeon who is experienced in facelift surgery and can produce consistent results. Spending time on research and consultations will allow you to choose well.

With good preparation, research and a realistic attitude, you’re set for a worthwhile and satisfying experience.

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