Anti-wrinkle injections and fillers.

The basics

Improving the surface of the skin of the face, and restoring its volume where it is lost through the passage of time is the fastest growing area of facial rejuvenation – for good reason.

25 years ago when I started practice, there were no good solutions to many of the problems of early ageing. Since then, sophisticated anti-wrinkle injections and fillers have been developed that have opened up a world of very safe and effective treatments.

Facial injectables can now improve skin and wrinkles, restore volume, and correct specific areas of concern such as the lips and cheeks. More and more treatments are being developed – from chin restoration, to hollow temples, to the angles of the jaw, and the nose. The bottom line is that they work, and they’re very safe.

How to get the best result

The issues in the area of injectables is not with the products. It’s with the quality of the results. A wide variety of doctors and nurses inject. There is no doubt that the more expert the injector, the better the results. This fact is often lost in the media noise about the products themselves.

Natural, aesthetically appealing and appropriate results are achieved only through expert assessment and treatment.

Dr Vilma di Maria and I have developed a specific clinic – Dr Face – which specialises only in facial injectables. We have worked closely together for over 10 years, and my many patients who require facial injectables are referred to Dr Face, where the practitioners are all doctors, and genuine experts in facial injectables.

If you’d like to learn more about facial injectables or consulting the Dr face team, please visit the Dr Face website. You can book an appointment direct and you do not need a referral.